The Bread Baking Industry Association of Puerto Rico is the voice of the bakers and all the affiliates of the flour industry in the island.

Government Issues
At the AIPPR we are always concerned about any law or legislation that could affect us as an industry. We defend the interests of the industry, visit government agencies, and dedicate to the task of educating and informing our members of any issue that could have an effect in our businesses.

Educational Activities
Seminars and workshops are offered across the island with varied themes like administration, labor laws, food safety, product preparation and presentation, and marketing among others. For more information on up coming Educational Activities please contact the AIPPR offices.

Pan Fresco Newsletter
This is an informative magazine that details all AIPPR activities and offers valuable information about industry rulings and innovations, recipes, and other current topics.

Expo Pan Bakery Trade Show
ExpoPan Bakery Trade Show is the largest exhibition of products and services for the flour industry in the Caribbean. This is an excellent opportunity to learn and familiarize with new market trends, products and equipment. Educational activities are also offered.

Support & Information
We are an information bank to our members. Throughout a network of members and suppliers we get recipes, ideas, and any other information that our members might need in order to better their businesses. At the AIPPR we want to encourage the industry unity so we can share experiences and receive support from baker to baker.

Poster of Precautions and Good Manufacturing Practices for the Bakery Industry