Dear Bread Baking

The Bread Baking Industry is currently an active contributor and participant in small and medium size businesses. Taking into consideration that here's where lies all hope of economic growth in the island, it's vital for all industry participants to encourage the commercial development of bakeries and other related businesses, thus creating models that promote just competition and benefits for all parts involved. Therefore achieving to maintain an ALIVE AND HEALTHY INDUSTRY.

The purpose of this industry is to atract members to the institution, granting them economic and educational benefits as an efficient alternative to achieve a better bakery business functionality in all aspects.

Be a fundamental part of the Bread Industry
Annual Membership: $200

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We have requested our allied members for discounts and rebates in products they currently sell to bakeries.

The Association will provide their members with the following:
To Keep the Industry Alive

By injecting new energy to the Association through this strategic plan, the bakeries will see themselves as profitable business in which investments should be made; thus avoiding the decline it has suffered in the last few years.

Membership Identification

Immediately after becoming a member, you'll receive an Active Member Card by mail which entitle you to take advantage of all discounts offered by our vendors and suppliers.

Entrance Door Sticker

Identifying you as an active Member of the Institution.

Participation with the Board of Directors

Being Member gives you the right to participate in the next Board of Directors Assembly to take place on july, 2011.

Four Seminars per Year

Subjects of interest to the Industry such as: Variety of Breads and Recipies, Sanitary Issues, Serve Safe, Client Services, New Products, Labor Laws, Technology, etc.

In these seminars the Member and/or their employees will have the opportunity to learn about new products, and innovations to existing ones. By participating, the active Member will have the right to discounts and special offers, just for being part of the Association.

ExpoPan Tradeshow

It will be taking place on Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th of Octobert, at the San Juan Convention Center. We have joined the Restaurant Association of Puerto Rico (ASORE) for this event. Due to this fusion, our promotional and advertising efforts are being intensified, thus providing this activity with a greater scope of suppliers that will benefit bakery owners in their future purchases

Information on the Current Market

We'll keep open communication with all the Industry through our PanFresco newsletter. Here we'll provide educational information relevant to the Industry so you can share it with all active Members of the Association.


The Bread Bakery Industry Association is the spokeman before the government of Puerto Rico in terms of new regulations and/or current innapropiate legislation, which have limited the growth of the bread industry (ej. The weight of native bread). We're currently working in preventing the repeal of the Closing Law, since it affects bakery sales on sundays

Rebate Opportunities in your Purchases

Our allied members are giving discounts and deals on their products exclusively for active members of the Association.