The Bread Baking Industry Association of Puerto Rico (AIPPR) was founded on 1979 in Mayaguez, PR. Bakers got together trying to stop the government from controlling the selling price of bread.

The organized bakers achieved their goal and established themselves as a non-profit association seeking to promote the economic, social and civic well-being of the bread manufacturers.

Throughout the years the AIPPR has defended the bread industry interests, participating actively in public hearings about the cost revision of milk and the profit margins for the bakeries; a project to repeal the law that controls the weight of bread; trying to stop the abolition of the closing laws which limits the supermarkets operation hour, which benefits the bakeries; stopping the State Security Fund from increasing the bakeries rate; and most recently, to eliminate the new sales and use tax to local bread.

A Breading Congress was organized in San Juan, and the first Bread Fair was featured in Ponce. Seminars and educational workshops have been offered throughout the island for years. The AIPPR has made several exchanges with bakers from other countries like; Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and with different USA organizations.

"United... Insuring the Future of Our Bread"